Jo Harrision
I increased my salary by $20,000pa and implemented the debt reduction plan that Jamie recommends. Now the debt is completely out of our space and we can focus on wealth creation and we know exactly when it will be paid off. Since we did this a year ago our net worth has increased by $100,000

Peter Waaka
I joined 21st Century in June 2007 and attended the June seminar in my hometown of Queenstown later that month. Within 2 weeks of finishing the seminar, and by putting into practice some of Jamie’s affirmations and mindset strategies, I have doubled my income and will finish the financial year having quadrupled my income from the previous year! This has allowed me for the first time ever to save some money ($30,000 in cash management trust) and to pay down a third of my (sizeable) mortgage which I will clear in the next 2 years. I cannot thank Jamie enough for the inspiration and practical guidelines.

Sheena & Cherie Stokes
The Stokes sisters learned to invest and helped their parents earn $30,000 in a single month. Sheena and Cherie Stokes are sisters who attended the 21st Century Academy seminar in 1999.

Within 2 years not only had they created investment income for themselves, they were able to help their Dad, a former truck driver, use some of his equity to generate instant cash flow and generate $30,000 in a single month enabling him to finally retire.

Greg Mountford
Greg completed the Homestudy two and a half years ago. His investment strategy so far has seen him investing in property to build a foundation for himself in order to synergize effectively with covered calls.

Greg started with his personal property worth $380,000 and through the action plan that he developed with the help of the Homestudy, he has developed his portfolio into a $4 million portfolio, owning 8 properties.

Ken Holdaway
“I have been to many seminars and conferences on various topics over the years, including one very large financial one, however the 21st Century Seminar comes out clearly in the number one position.

None of the others had a system for paying such personal attention to the individual client’s needs. None focused on personal growth (personal financial intelligence) in the way your system does.

The emphasis on changing ’mindset’ is invaluable. Without it, for many of us the financial strategies are just so much financial information that may never have been put to use.

Consequently, I have had a busy week. It is amazing how much can change for the better when there is a change in mindset in the right direction. Enough raving! I could go on all week! Look forward to seeing you all again.”

Jock and Amy Mitchell
Couple makes $75,000 from thin air! “When we completed the seminar 18 months ago, we began searching for an investment property in Brisbane. After looking for a few months, we purchased a house within 5km of the CBD for $281,000.

To improve our rental income, we renovated the bathroom (for only a couple of thousands dollars) which increased our rent by over 10%. Three months later, the property was revalued at $305,000, nearly $24,000 in thin air profits.

After building a rapport with our real estate agent, she offered us two houses on one sub–dividable alt for $450,000. Six months later the property has been revalued at $500,000 and is renting for $600 per week.

“Positive cashflow – that’s great, plus another $50,000 in money out of thin air.”