Wealth Creation DVD by Best Selling Author, Jamie McIntyre.

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Take the opportunity NOW to learn about wealth creation strategies from Australia's leading educator, Jamie McIntyre, who became a self-made millionaire in his early 20's.

Jamie has generously allowed us to provide you with this 3 hour recording from one of his seminars revealing to you wealth creation strategies that he and other wealthy people use.

Watch this DVD to discover:

  • Why most people aren´t wealthy and what you can do to change this
  • Why becoming ´rich´ in your mind will make you rich in your pocket
  • The cultural belief systems in our society that maybe holding you back
  • How to overcome fear and greed, and reframe your perspective on money
  • How to start making money through instead of making excuses!

And there is so much more. Jamie will also reveal:

  • Why it is better to educate yourself about making and investing money, rather than leaving it up to someone else
  • How to make your emotion work for you — not against you!
  • What you need to understand to become a successful investor
  • 8 steps to raise money to get you started
  • How to have a millionaires lifestyle inside 5 to 10 years
  • Simple stockmarket strategies for investing shares to generate instant cashflow that the ´average Joe´ just isn´t taught!
  • A simple plan to build a property portfolio to earn 35k a year tax free

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WARNING: If you TAKE ACTION NOW and educate yourself in these strategies you could generate instant cashflow and transform you life!

P.S. Most people would like to be financially well off, $1 million dollars in 5 or 10 years but so few people actually have a clear wealth creation process to apply and follow. At Learn From The Wealthy, we look forward in supporting you with your on-going commitment towards achieving your financial goals.