Where Will You Be At Retirement?

When do you measure Education's Success, at Graduation or Retirement? The following facts exist for every 100 people at age 65.



( Below Poverty Level )


AND $ 35,000 (Median is $ 18,000)



Today's average 50 year old has only $2,300 saved towards their retirement.

J. Urcivoli, Sr VP Merrill Lynch

Only 5% of the population can put their hands on $10,000 when they are 65.

When Social Security was started there were 16 people working for every one person on the program.

Today the ratio is 3:1

In the next 12 years It is projected to be 1:1. . . maybe. Source: “The Millionaire Next Door”

This information is designed to give you a 21st Century Educational System, way beyond that which is provided in 20th Century Schools and Universities.

If someone told me 6 years ago that this is how my life would be, then I would never have believed them, especially from where I was starting. I share the following with you, not to impress you but to impress upon you dreams do still come true… They did for me, I believe they can for you.

I still pinch myself being able to sit in my outdoor hot tub on the deck of a multi-million dollar mansion, overlooking the pool and waterfall which flows into the extended lounge room of my luxury Noosa waterfront home. The reality of my life today sinks in when I glance out over the water, looking at a gleaming brand new luxury sports cruiser boat. I'm planning the next overseas holiday to include a stay with some of my closest friends and family in our brand new luxury winter home in the mountains overlooking Queenstown, New Zealand. It's comforting to have the feeling that despite still being only my twenties, I never have to work another day in my life unless I choose. I reflect with immense gratitude on my life and can hardly believe that some of my wildest dreams are now a reality, like having a farm to escape to the solitude of nature with its own personal airfield for a private plan to land, or to have a beautiful top floor penthouse overlooking the world's most beautiful harbour (that's Sydney) in my opinion, to entertain friends when visiting in this beautiful city, or to have a luxury chalet in one of the world's top ski resorts in Whistler, Canada. What's even more exciting is to have the thrill of having enough money to sponsor a whole school of children in third world countries and experiencing the happiness this brings to their faces.

Being able to also help our own Australian teenagers transform their lives by donating teenage scholarships to educate them with a real life education, unfortunately not taught in our schools yet.

I love being able to travel regularly to some of the most beautiful places in the world like Monte Carlo, Portifino, Venice, Prague, Africa, Majorca, the Caribbean, Canada, Machu Piccu in Peru, Atituki in the Cook Islands, to name just a few magical places in our beautiful world.

Even more important than just the wonderful material things I'm blessed with today, is being surrounded by like minded friends and having the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want with whomever I want, as much as I want, and importantly spending quality time with family, taking them on exotic holidays. A nice little bonus and the most important thing is to have attracted the woman of my dreams into my life to share the journey with.

What touches me the most is to know that I get to live my life's purpose, serve my creator and contribute and impact on so many people's lives in such a positive way. There is hardly a week that goes by that I'm not touched deeply by someone sending me a card or present or an email, thanking me for the difference I've been able to make to their lives or their teenage children, or getting pulled up in restaurants and thanked profusely by people who have recognised me from a live seminar where I've been asked to share my strategies, concepts and ideas with fellow Australians and thanking me for how it has changed their lives.

I share none of this to impress you as I said, as I'm humbled by my life today and you'll understand why when I share my story. However, I share it more to impress upon you that what my attempt and intention is to do by writing this book is to share freely with you the ideas, strategies and concepts that have transformed my entire life over the last six years, including my health, my relationships, my emotional fulfillment, and especially my finances where I went from sleeping on a mate's couch (mate means ‘friend' if you're not an Australian), $150,000 in personal debt, no job, no income, no assets, not even $20 left in my wallet, virtually bankrupt to becoming a self made millionaire a little under 4 years, and creating an extraordinary quality of life for myself and others.

My belief is that if you're not just curious but committed to excelling in your life in the 21st Century, then what you'll find in this book will be a real gift to you from someone who cares deeply about helping you achieve similar things if you so desire and that you can join the thousands of others who are applying these strategies and improving their lives immensely. I know I was extremely grateful when I first learned this information, so I commend you in advance for taking action and developing a 21st century education, an education for life.

I'd be honored if you would consider me as a friend, a coach, working together through this book step by step creating and redesigning your life, with an emphasis on improving your financial results until you produce the results you ultimately desire. Let's begin shall we as it's an exciting journey you are starting on.

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From "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had" by Jamie McIntyre.

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