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"Author of Best Selling Book, "What I Didn't Learn at School But Wish I Had" and Self made Millionaire, is donating to over 1,000 High Schools Australia wide a DVD Educational Program he has created, as he believes High Schools simply aren't equipping today's teenagers with the skills they need to excel in today's world'

School principals discuss with author adding to curriculum lessons from “What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had.

Also, Mr McIntyre has been commended for his efforts by the Federal Education Minister's Office of Dr Brendan Nelson recently and also the Queensland Premier Beattie's Office.

“The Minister commends your commitment to financial literacy for our youth and in particular, your efforts to make What I Didn't Learn At School and an accompanying DVD accessible to every secondary school in Australia. As a father of young children, Dr Nelson recognises the importance of ensuring that young people have access to financial literacy education in schools. Young people today face a challenging environment in which they have greater access to financial independence and freedom. Financial literacy will enable them to make more effective decisions over the use and management of money throughout their lifetime.

Minister for Education, Science and Training,
The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson MP

Thank you for your letter of 3 July 2002 concerning an education package for Queensland schools. I have been requested to reply to you on the Premier's behalf.

The Premier referred this matter to the Honorable Anna Bligh MP, Minister for Education who has advised that Education Queensland acknowledges that young people need to develop personal attributes and life skills that will prepare them for both employment and further learning. As a part of skilling Queensland students, the Government is focusing on improving workforce and life skills for current and future needs as well as raising general education levels.

You are to be commended for the interest you have shown in the education and development of life skills in today's youth.

Office of the Premier and Minister for Trade

High Schools which would like to be selected to receive this invaluable Education DVD Program and Books can simply contact us on (07) 5455 4800 or email

In his book "What I Didn't Learn at School But Wish I Had" , available in all leading Bookstores, author Jamie McIntyre poses the question "why isn't this type of education taught at school"? And a growing number of School Principals in Australia are beginning to ask the same question.

Jamie is a leading advocate for immediately including practical life and financial skills in the curriculum taught at Australian High Schools and has been lobbying State and Federal Governments for years. To date, his efforts have met with limited success at a Government level. More importantly, individual School Principals are seeking Jamie out to discuss how the lessons he raises in his book can be incorporated into the established school curriculum.

About The Author

Since its inception more than 95,000 Australians and New Zealanders have been exposed to a 21 st Century education and transformed their lives as a result of the systems and strategies they have learned.

Now, through this book and seminars, Jamie has given everyone the opportunity to discover this unique educational system that is not only financial intelligence but is totally transforming people's levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Jamie McIntyre is an extraordinary young Australian making a big difference to the quality of other people's lives in this nation. He is a sought after Success Coach (Life Coach) and has travelled the world meeting and learning from some of the very best teachers and leaders on the planet including Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), General Norman Schwarzkopf (Desert Storm), Paul Zane Piltzer (Unlimited Wealth), Jay Abrahams (Fortune 500 Marketing Consultant), Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), and many others.

He became a self made millionaire in his twenties, is an entrepreneur, a sought after public speaker, author, also the co-founder of 21 st Century Academy, an education organisation that provides a 21 st century education to Australians and now internationally, and has received a Highly Commended Award from the Australian Achiever Awards. He was nominated as a Young Australian of the Year and has been responsible for educating over 95,000 people through his popular courses.

He is a leading advocate for real life education including financial literacy to be implemented into high schools nationwide. He believes this will give teenagers the most important skills they will need to excel in the 21 st century, and improve what many say is an inadequate and flawed education system.

He is an advocate for changes to the Financial Planning industry to ensure financial planners have to achieve some level of investing success and be graded accordingly, based on investment results, so clients have confidence their financial planner has real life experience as an investor, not just a piece of paper promoting a licence, which often leads to biased commission-driven advice.

He is lobbying for improvements to superannuation to ensure Australians can fund themselves in retirement and is critical of the lack of transparency, competency and accountability of regulatory bodies such as ASIC.

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May 27, 2005