"You can make money or you can make excuses but you canít make them both at the same time", says
Jamie McIntyre

How true this is!

Hello and welcome to our website Ė dedicated to sharing the life-changing knowledge that we have received over recent years.

David and Helen
David Abbott
On holiday with wife at Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Some people arrive at our site knowing exactly what things need to change in their financial life, others have no idea what they need, they just know that something has to change and some people are somewhere in the between. Wherever you are right now, welcome, we know that what we have to share is relevant to everyone no matter where they have been or where they are going.

It was only a few years ago for us that we didnít know what we didnít know. We had successful careers and were living a very comfortable lifestyle but had very little time freedom to share with our new family. It was then that we were generously given information about strategies that wealthy people use to generate their wealth. This information has changed how we understand money, our mindsets, the strategies we use, in fact almost everything in our lives Ė for the better.

Our mentor Jamie McIntyre, unveiled this secret and taught us many ways to make our money work hard and multiply, and he has asked us to share this knowledge and information with you, which this website is dedicated to doing. When Jamie discovered the secret, he was $150,000 in debt, no job, and sleeping on a friends couch. Within just 5 years he became a self made millionaire, whilst still in his 20ís, and vowed to share this secret with as many people he could.

To start your journey, we would like to give you a free DVD. which will introduce you to this amazing new life you are about to set out on. The DVD features Jamie at a small gathering revealing some of this incredible knowledge.

Warmest Regards

David Abbott
Founders of Learn From The Wealthy